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     We offer logbook conversion for     both civilian & military aviators.

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*Our standard is LogTen for logbook conversion*

We also offer:

  • LogbookPro
  • ForeFlight
  • ZuluLog
  • CSV / Excel

SiMPLE PRicing

  • 15% of total logged time (i.e.100hrs = $15)
  • $150.00 Transcription Fee


                  **Minimum Charge $150.00**

What you can expect


Precise Transcription

As fellow aviators, we understand how crucial it is to accurately transcribe every hour of logged flight time. Because of this, we triple check every logbook conversion to ensure zero errors. If we have a question regarding an entry, we will reach out to you directly.

Timely Transcription

We strive to convert your logs as timely as possible. Our typical turn-around time is two to three weeks. If you want rush delivery, we do offer that for a flat fee. Our rush delivery service has a maximum turn-around time of one week for logbook conversion.

Fields Transcribed

  1. File, Page, Line Numbers
  2. Date
  3. Aircraft Type / Identification
  4. Route
  5. Flight Times (including extra data i.e. Part131, Part91)
  6. Approaches
  7. Landings
  8. Flight Number
  9. PIC / SIC / Student Name

             ** We do not include remarks or signatures**

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